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Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Center for Revolutionary Scientific Thought.

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Calls for a Coordinated National Space Strategy on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

The new alignment of a 6.5-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail in northern California’s Sierra Buttes has been years in the making. We’ve celebrated many milestones, notably, opening a newly constructed 3.9 miles of trail that passes by the gorgeous Tamarack Lakes in 2017.

Crested butte colorado

Blog - Mountain Crest Gardens ... The History of Mountain Crest Gardens. Mountain Crest Gardens is a family owned and operated succulent nursery, nestled in ...

It’s Time to Finally Regulate Google

Google should be restricted from accepting competitor companies. After going public in 2004, Google has amassed more than 200 companies including YouTube (the second best visited website in 2019 behind, Android (the best widely used smartphone operating system worldwide), and DoubleClick (which holds more than 50% of the U.S. market share for advertising platforms). Many of these acquisitions are chase start-ups, including the recent 2018 buyout of Tenor, an angel chase engine. Some tech startups even center their business plan around being acquired by Google – this mentality is the opposite of the spirit of competition. Google has been complete in accepting its competitors, which limits competition, raises the barrier to new entrepreneurs, and reduces innovation.

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To Educate Intelligently, Use Artificial Intelligence

Since 2017, Google has already been fined over $8 billion by the European Union for antitrust violations. The U.S. government has fallen behind in acclimation Google. Only recently, the U.S. Justice Department announced it would review the practices of online platforms, including Google. This review must find Google in violation of antitrust laws.


PCTA Blog ... property that had just come on the market that included 1.2 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. ... It's a great weekend celebrating the Pacific Crest Trail.

I can read your memories

Google is restricting innovation through about exclusive ownership of internet searches. When ownership of a all-important product (in this case, chase index) no longer serves the public good, the government has an obligation to step in. In the 1950s, AT&T (then Bell Lab) was a telecommunication monopoly. Following a governmental antitrust lawsuit, the 1956 consent decree required Bell Lab to allotment its patents with other companies. In the following five years, innovation building off those now free patents increased by 17%. Monopolies suppress technological innovation and competition, both of which drive our economy forward.

Crestor generic

Negative Results Should be a Positive

The U.S. government must bring antitrust action against Google immediately. This should include (1) requiring Google to make its abounding search algorithm public and (2) prohibiting it from buying up competitor companies. Google is a monopoly. It has a cartel on search. It has a cartel on search advertising. It has restricted innovation, stifling any and all of its competitors. Swift action must be taken to prevent further antitrust violations. A private company should not control the flow of advice on the internet.

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Fixing a broken system

The work that volunteers put into the Pacific Crest Trail anniversary season is astounding. They address time and energy to allowance brush, creating new tread, sawing logs and, occasionally, building bridges. Although bridges are not a common PCT volunteer project, this year we have had a few dedicated groups with ... Read more

Crested butte

A Public Health Approach to Understanding and Preventing Firearm Violence

Google should be appropriate to accomplish its search algorithm fully accessible and available. Google has been an unopposed search monopoly for almost a decade. Over 90% of all internet searches are conducted through Google platforms. The second most used search engine, Bing, has 2% of the market. A private company cannot control the flow of information; this gives too much ability to the company. The U.S. government should require Google to accomplish its search algorithm accessible and ensure: – Accessibility: Companies should have unrestricted, full admission to the entire algorithm after throttled speeds. – Transparency: Google cannot restrict or manipulate agreeable on the search index (e.g. moving a search aftereffect arbitrarily to a lesser position) and other companies should be allowed to add appropriate content. – Free or nominal fees: No fees should be appropriate for low-volume users. For high-volume users (e.g. Microsoft’s Bing or DuckDuckGo), Google should be allowed to impose basal admission fees.

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